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Retirement Planning
Michael  J. Deprima
With offices in Staten Island, Brooklyn & Manhattan I can easily meet with you at your convenience.
I can advise you how to make the most out of your money, and Retirement planning is something that should be taken very serious. 

Many people are working many years longer than they need to be simply due to not planning in advance for their retirement. This is a process of setting aside funds on a mathematical basis to assure a safe, comfortable retirement and guarantee yourself as well as your family a stable income after you retire from your normal career. I can walk you through many different options and see what fits you best. Even if you think your job has your retirement in mind and has set you up with a typical retirement package such as 401(K) or a 403 (B), sitting down with me will assure you get the most out of the product we elect is best for you. 

I can help you use the retirement plan that your currently putting money into to better use or we can figure out a retirement product that suits all your needs and financial situation.
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